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Greetings from District Governor Jessika Hane 

                            "Finding Success-Even In the Busiest of Times"

I love checking things off of my to do list. I love setting goals and working to achieve them. I love the sense of accomplishment and pride that I feel after a task is complete, a box is checked or a project is finished. It feels good.

I don’t know about you- but it seems like my list of tasks, projects and goals keeps getting longer and not shorter right now. It’s hard to stay motivated and many days, I feel like I might not be making much progress. If you are feeling this way too, know that I am right there with you!

When I’m feeling this way, I often create “mini-goals” for myself. Things that I can readily accomplish or larger tasks that can be separated into small bits that are easier to tackle.

Take our District Goal of increasing Facebook page followers. We’ve set a small yet achievable goal and once we reach it (and celebrate our success) we will set a new mini-goal. By the way...are YOU following our District Facebook page?

I also find that these mini-goals work best when I share my intentions with others. Some of my personal goals for October are to eat dairy-free for five days each week, to share a bedtime story to our two-year old twins every other night and to read something fun for 20 minutes every day. One of my goals as a Rotarian for the month of October is to share more Rotary stories on social media, instead of just “liking” them and moving on. And of course, I’ll be checking off the task of “VOTE” from my list this October with early voting in my county.

If I can do all of these things- and I’ve got over 1,400 southern Indiana Rotarians and Rotaractors to hold me accountable- I know I’ll end the month feeling more accomplished, more successful. And I can guarantee, that will feel really, really good!

What are your mini-goals for October? Email me at jessika@hane.com to let me know.


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